Console Access | Direct Administrative Access

Direct Administrative Access, is obtained through console.
>Physical Console.
>Vertical Console.
>Serial Console.
>System Console.
The term console is rather generic, when accessing a Linux system. There are, in fact, several types of console. All of which seem to have an administrative aspect.
Physical Console:- This is the actual physical video/keyboard/mouse on your hardware, represented by /dev/tty0 for VGA, based drivers.
nis 1s the actual physical video/keyboard/mouse on your hiardware, represente0 Dy /devV/ttyo for VGA.
vers xd6 only, but the default on x86), or represented by /dev/EbO Tor tramebuffer-based drive
Non-xB6 architectures and the Xen virtual physical console use the trameDuter, ano it can be used on x86
o0-64, t you see the penguin icons at boot, you are using the frametulter.J

Virtual Console:-
This is one of several full-screen terminal displays provided by the Linux physical oonsole’s driver (vgacon
or fbcon). You can switch between them by typing Ctr-AIL-Fx on the physical console or by using lusri
bin/chvt. At boot, the defauit /etc/inittab causes init to start a text login prompt on the tirst six virtual
consoles and, if in runlevel 5, a display-managed X session to start on the seventh. The first VC is /dev/
tEyl, the second /dev/tty2, and so on.

The mingetty program is used for text logins on virtual consoles. The prefdm program is used to start a
Cisplay-fmhanaged X session.

Serial Console:-
This is a terminal display connected to a serial port (/dev/ttys ), a text-only interface, since most senal
terminals are text-only. The assumption is that the serial port is cabled to a real serial terminal (ike a DEC
VT100) or to a serial console server (ike a Cyclades TS800)

Fully-virtualized Xen DomUs have a simulated /dev/ttys0 serial console. Paravirtualized Xen DomUs
have a simulated console which is similar to a serial console, /dev/xcvco.

Generally, to provide a text login on a serial console, the /etc/inittab file must be configured to start
the agetty program on the relevant device(s)

System Console:-
The svstem console should be sent system messages, boot messages, and the login or shell prompt in
single-user mode, represented by /dev/console.


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