How to create a group on Telegram

If you use Telegram. And how to make you group on Telegram? Its information is not known. So you have come to the right place. Grouping on Telegram is very easy. To which all friends or family can add. A group is like a broadcast. In which a message goes to everyone.

The group can be made in both Android and Pc. If you use Android or iOs Phone. So you can make it in 1 minute. The computer can run Telegram on Windows as well. For that you have to download Telegram App For PC. And by installing, you can create an account with Mobile Number on it.

The way groups are made on WhatsApp. In the same way, you can form groups on Telegram. And can chat with friends. Can send File, Media, Documents, Photo, Video. Also you can make channels on Telegram. Which are quite good features. Up to 2000,00 people can be added to the group. But you can add up to 256 member in whatsapp.

That’s enough for today. Let’s learn How to create a group on Telegram App?

How to create a group on Telegram?

By the way, running telegrams is very easy. But for the Channel there are quite a few Advance Features. Not everyone knows. Today we are talking about forming Telegram Group. Everyone makes a group on Whatsapp.

But not everyone is known to form a group on Telegram. So how do we create a group for you? how to make Telegram Group on Computer and Android Phone. Will read about

create Telegram Group on Android

Friends can create any group in Telegram App from their Android or iOS Mobile. Like WhatsApp, a group is also formed on Telegram. But the difference is that up to 2 lakh members can be added to Telegram’s group. So that we all group members together Message, Image, Information. And not only this, we can send Video, Documents, File, etc.

Apart from this, you can also set the privacy permission in the group. Like -Send Message, Send Media, Add users, Change Chat Info. Etc. Privacy Permission can be set. When Admin will turn all this permission on. Only then the members will be able to send some. Or will be able to send. not otherwise.

So let’s talk about how to create groups in teligram, its information is given below Step by Step.

step 1

First open the Telegram App on your mobile.


After opening the telegram, click on the three line in the top left side.


After this, click on the option with New Group.


Now your Contact List is visible. Whichever one you want to add. Select them. Then click on the Next button.

Note: – Keep in mind that the same people will appear in this list. Which is already connected on Telegram.


Now you enter any of your group names. And finally click on the bottom right. Your group will be formed.

Create Telegram Group on PC

If you have a laptop or computer. So you can easily create a group on this too. If you want its information quantity. Or Telegram is not installed in PC. So download the Telegram App For PC below. And make an account on it.

Hopefully, you have created an account on Telegram App. Now the point is, how to form a group? Creating Group on Telegram Desktop in Hindi. See below

First of all, open Telegram. And click on the option in the top left side.

After this, click on New Group below.

Then put the group’s name there. Add Member. Then click on the Create button in the last.

In this way your Telegram group will become successfully.

Telegram group can also be made easily in computer (PC) or laptop.

I hope, How to Create Telegram Group on Android and PC? Must have understood about Those who can send messages together with people. Most can talk together. Group Chatting can do. Also, Photo, Videos, File, Documents, File, Movie can also be shared.


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