How to Create and Successfully Run a Forum

The Secrets on How to Make a Successful and Profitable Forum are here…
How to Create and Successfully Run a Forum
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Dear Potential Customer,

What I have for sale here is the greatest and lowest price eBook on successful forum creation, management, advertising, and much more. You will learn how to create a forum, customize it to your greatest ability, and the secrets to lifting a forum off the ground no one has shared yet. The tips, download links, secrets, and my personal experiences in this eBook are incredibly invaluable.
They are guaranteed to make you succeed if you follow them correctly and dedicate enough time into your forum. This guide will benefit a newcomer to creating forums and will even benefit veterans with the tips inside of it. It is easily worth more than the selling price, but since my times of making forums are over for now I will share my experiences and secrets.

A successful forum is an amazing gift to have. First of all, it is an excellent experience to even be part of one. Owning a forum is even more satisfying. You’ll meet so many people and will learn so much. You’ll gain respect for owning such a clean, active, and blooming forum which is always plus.
The feeling is so bliss. On top of that, if you follow these steps correctly than you will also get some extra pocket money. From donations and upgraded account memberships, if you market them right, you can make around $50 a month. That is without ads. There is no downsides. From then on you’ll enjoy every step of it. I highly suggest making a forum and buying this guide to feel the full effect.

Here’s what the owner of said…

This guide was something I would have never expected. I’m currently running my forum off this guide and it has great success because of this guide. Thanks Teh Laughing Man, the secrets and tips in here are amazing. Thanks again.


Two forums I’ve made are and

Halo Chiefs was made in 2008 and it got around 6,000 members before I closed it down. It was up for around a year so we averaged about 16 members per day. We were also the official forums for the popular xbox 360 griefing clan F@G. From ads I made around $80 (this year I just got the extra $20 to take the money out of Google Adsense and an upgraded account was $10 and from what I remember we had 13 or 14. That was my first forum. You can find an outdated/broken copy of the board.

The next board I made was called Grim Gaming. I made it in around June just to see if I could get another board off the ground. I spent around 2 days setting everything up and it looked nice. I got some opinions and it seemed ready to launch. Note: I made this around xbox 360 modding primarily in June. The modded lobbies and xbox 360 mods were out since Februrary 2009 so I got this board started very late in the scene. We averaged around 30 members a day and I made $70 off of it, due to the increased of people below 18 having Paypal accounts due to lobbies. In September it got closed down by the host. Why? Apparently a payment was due and all the e-mails for the invoice went into the spam folder. The last backup I had was at 900 members and we lost about half our data so I just dropped the project. I wouldn’t sell this guide if I still had any forums open, but I won’t be starting a new project for a little bit so I’m selling my methods.

So how do you buy this and how much does it cost? It is very cheap for an eBook of it’s type and is priced at $14.95. Upon purchase you will receive the eBook in .pdf format and will receive lifetime updates. There will always be new advertising tactics so when they are discovered they’ll be included in the lifetime updates. There are two options. The Normal Package which includes the eBook and nothing more. You can also purchase re-sale rights by paying the listed price. For buying this pakcage you’ll have the ability to re-sell the eBook as long as you give me creidt. You may not re-sell the re-sell rights, however.


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