How to create teligram channel

If you also want to know about this, then it is in the right place, friends as you would know that telegram is a popular social messaging app on which you can chat online with your friend and your friend or anyone You can also make voice and video calls with Telegram, there are many other features that you get in telegram app,

If it is said in simple words, telegram messenger is exactly the same as whatsapp messenger but in this you get more features such as whenever you create a group on whatsapp then you cannot add more people than 256 people in it.

But telegram app is not like this, in this you can add any number of people in a channel, which is its very good and amazing feature, so many people want to create their own telegram channel, so you can easily make your telegram channel I can tell you the same way in this post.

what is telegram channel

What is telegram channel, if you are new on telegram then you would not know that a group or channel can be made on telegram as well, as I told that telegram channel can be made just like whatsapp group, but this is a special thing about it. That you can add any number of people in the telegram channel

Meaning that you can join all your friends in telegram channel and your new friends will be able to join them in your channel, while in WhatsApp group you can add only 256 people,

But some of your friends whom you have added to the group ask to add their friends to the group as well, this time 256 people are added to your WhatsApp group and then you and people cannot be added to your group but in Telegram No, you can add any number of people in the telegram channel, there is no limit to it and your friends also add themselves and friends to your channel, so it does not make any difference to the limit of your channel,

In the telegram app, you can create a group with any category, like many people make friendship groups here, then some people make education related channels in which they share all kinds of education or study notes on their telegram channel.

And as I said that in telegram channel, you can send any file of any size, that is, you have a game or movie. If the size is 1gbb to 2gb, then you can send it from telegram channel also The files of the largest size can be sent on the telegram channel.

In Telegram app, many people make channels related to their different categories like music, games, education, funny, etc., if you want to join your friend only, then you can do this and in telegram channel, you can do the file, You can share video, audio etc. and this is a special thing

That you can also create poll in your telegram channel where you can ask any question from your friends or who are members of your channel and can also add options there, and in your telegram channel you can give someone an admin or If you want to become an administrator, you can also do this, in this you also get an option to make an administrator.

how to create teligram channel

How to create a channel on Telegram, it is necessary to have Telegram app in your mobile, if you do not have this app in your mobile, then download it from Google Play Store, you can download Telegram App from here also.

Open the Telegram app, then here you will see a 3-line icon, click on it, then there will be many options, including clicking on the new channel option.

In the channel name, you can write whatever name you want to give to your channel, here you can write your name if you want.

In the description, you have to write some information related to your channel, here you can tell who your channel is related to or what you will share there.

After typing the channel name & description, click on the mark with the right.

Then you will be asked to select the channel type where you will see options with public & private channel, out of which you can select any option, and in the option with permalink you have to write the name of your channel.

This will become a link to your channel, but in permalink you have to write your name or the name of the channel without a space, which has to be used by someone who has not already used it, otherwise it will not be available like here I have permalink Has written allhindihelp which is available

and then click on the right mark.

Then you will see the contacts of your mobile whose telegram account will be, you can select the people you want to join in your channel by clicking on them and then click on the right option.

Right now your telegram channel will be successfully created, and here you can share anything and you will also get an invite link of your telegram channel here so that you can join your friend or other people in your channel.


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