How to earn money from rozdhan app

Today you get to see many such apps in the Google Play Store, by which you can earn money using it, so today we are going to tell you about one such app, where you can sit at home and earn money with the help of mobile whose The name is RozDhan App.

The RozDhan App is becoming quite popular at the moment, you can guess that this app has been downloaded by more than 5 million people so far and the RozDhan App Download number is increasing every day.

RozDhan is one of the most popular apps for making money from mobiles and every day it gets new updates, which increases your chances of earning money, so if you want to earn money easily from home mobile apps. So you must use Rozdhan App.

You can earn thousands of rupees from Rozdhan if you share the Rozdhan App with your friends, which your friend also gets money and you can also earn money everyday using the same money.

So if you want to earn money using mobile, then you can earn money using RozDhan App, about which we are going to give you complete information, so let’s know what RozDhan App is and how to earn money from RozDhan App is.

how to earn money with rozDhan App

There are many ways to earn money from RozDhan App for which you can earn money, for this, first download the RozDhan App because after downloading it you can get Rs 50 immediately by entering invite code.

How to download RozDhan App

Step- 1 First you can download it by going to Google Play Store.

Step- 2 After opening the app, select the language of your choice and Verify OTP by entering your mobile number after which you get 25 rupees.

Step- 3 Now you will see a message according to which if you invite your friend, then you get 1250 coins and on entering another invite code, you get 25 rupees more.

Step- 4 Now you click on “Fill the invitation code to get 25 Rs” and enter invite code and get full 50 rupees. If you put Invite Code “05VQJK” in it, then you get 25 rupees.

In this way, you can get 50 rupees by downloading and signing up RozDhan App very easily and similarly you can earn money by completing small tasks, so let’s know how you can earn money from RozDhan App.

Ways to earn money from RozDhan App

With the help of Rozdhan App, you can earn money in many ways and over time as it is updated, many more ways to earn money are also put in it, let’s know how you can earn it.

  1. Share Article & earn coin

In this app you get to see all the trending and viral articles as well as articles on all categories such as entertainment, lifestyles, sports, health Etc, you can share these articles with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, messenger etc. is.

After which you get some coins which are converted into money after 12 o’clock at night like you get 1 rupee on 250 coins, in this way you can earn more money by sharing more articles with your friends.

  1. Refferal and invite friends

Just like we told you after downloading this app, you can get 50 rupees immediately by entering the invite code. Similarly, if you add your friends with this app, then you can also sign up each friend in RozDhan App You get some money, thus you can earn money from it.

  1. Invite Code

When you use Rozdhan App, you are given the option to insert Invite Code in it, if you put Invite Code “05VQJK” in it, then you get 25 rupees.

  1. Read and Share Article

This increases your general knowledge and you also earn money if you read news and articles in Rozdhan or share it with your friends.

  1. App Download & Register

In Rozdhan App you get to see many different types of apps, if you download and register any of the apps here, you get money in the form of a coin. game and win cash

Rozdhan App also offers a lot of games for your entertainment which by playing you can earn money along with entertainment, so most people like to earn money only by playing games and winning.

feature of RozDhan App

After downloading RozDhan App, you can get Rs 50 immediately by entering invite code.

You can also earn money by sharing RozDhan App with your friends. When you add each friend with this app, you get 1250 coins which are converted into money.

In this, you get to see viral and trending articles, which you can earn by sharing with your friends.

In this you get the contents of every category like- Entertainment, elections, lifestyles, sports, fun, relationship, health, technology, education Etc.

You can earn thousands of money and after withdrawing Rs 200, you can withdraw money through Paytm App.

This app is available in many languages, so you can use it in your favorite language.


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