How to Monetize Youtube Video

If you have a Youtube Channel and put a video in it. Good views or subscriptions have also come to your YouTube channel. If you want to put ads on YouTube video, then you have come to the right place. To place ads on videos in your YouTube channel, Google Adsense sign-up has to be done. Monetization is done to place ads on videos only after linking with Adsense. YouTube needs to be linked with Adsense before monetizing. Do not worry, just read this post carefully.

How to link Google Adsense Account to Youtube Channel and put Ads on it? Learn about it today. Google Adsense is a program created by Google, which helps earn Paise from Publishar or Youtuber’s videos. If you are a Youtube Creator or put a video on Youtube, you can earn money by joining Publishar Program Google Adsense.

How to Monetize Youtube Video?

Monetization for your YouTube videos is very easy. Google Adsense Advertisment is the best way to earn money from Youtube Channel. Once you add your youtube channel to Adsense account. You will get the option to submit videos to do motetization. If Youtube checks and passes your videos, then your videos will be approved for monetization. That means now you will be able to earn money from Youtube. Now how to monetize YouTube channel? Will read about it-

Click on Creator Studio to go to your YouTube Channel

First of all login with Youtube Gmail Id. Then click on Creator Studio.

Click on Channel to enable Monetize

After this, the option of the channel will appear there, click on it.

Click Enable My Account

Now you have to click on “Enable My Account”. (Before that, you must read the Guidelines and information written in lowercase letters, which you should know about it.

Select Youtube Terms & Conditions and click on i Accept

As soon as we click on Enable My Account. You have written about the Terms & Conditions of Youtube, which are some of the conditions. Will have to accept their conditions. For that, we have to select all three options and click on I Accept.

$ Sign in front of Video

Now you must have understood how to monetize YouTube? Now let’s talk about whether our YouTube channel has been monetized or not. For this go to Video Manager. There will be a $ sign in front of the videos. This means Monetize is turned on. Now ads will be visible on our video. Whose money will start coming.

Apart from this, many more work remains to be done. They are, connecting YouTube channel with Adsense Account. Only then money will come in our Bank Account. Read carefully below-

How to monetize youtube with Google Adsense Account

Connecting your YouTube channel to Google Adsense Account is easy. To receive money in Bank Account, fill all the information in Adsense Account correctly.

Click on View Monetization Settings in the Channel

We have to go back to the Channel section again, where Monetize was enabled. Now, click on View Monetization Settings instead of Enable.

Click on How Will I be Paid and click on Associate an Adsense Account

As soon as we click on View Monetization. There will be options below guidlines and information. One of them is to click on How will I be Paid. Then click on Associate an Adsense Account.

Sign in or yes with your Gmail ID

After this, the Google Adsense Account page will open. In which you have to sign in with a Gmail Id with Youtube. You can create a new ID on Adsense by clicking on Create Account. If you already have Google Adsense Account, then sign / yes and sign it. Fill all the information in Adsense Account correctly. Otherwise there may be problem in getting payment in your bank account.

After enabling Youtube Monetize, Google will check your videos. If your YT Channel gets verified, then 1 email will come from Google that your Google Adsense Account has been approved. In this way, ads will start showing after a YouTube monetize. And by connecting with Adsense, money will start coming directly into the bank.

How to place ads on youtube

How to put Ads in your Youtube. When we enable Monetize, the ads on the video start showing. In front of the video, Doller’s sign (sign) is in Green Color. This means that ads have started in that video. Gin Video does not have Green Doller in front of it. You can turn it on by clicking on it.

If you click on the doller sign, the Video Settings will open. There will have to go to the option with monetization.

Turn on Monetize with Ads there and hit the Save button.

It can take up to 4-5 days to show ads on video. Also, Approval Message will come in our Gmail. There are different formats for placing ads on videos. There are such as Skip Ads, Skippable Video Ads, No-skippable Ads, Sponsored Card Display etc. We can manually set.


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