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How to buy very good travel insurance

Travel insurance Frequent accidents.

Nowadays, it is unavoidable to go out by means of transportation, whether flying in the sky, walking on the ground or swimming in the water, no matter which kind of transportation you take, there may be some risks. The plane accident is not the first time, Malaysia airlines has had two serious accidents; The traffic accident that happens on the land that goes without saying, believe everybody to often see such news; The Malaysian sinking in early 2017 was also serious. Therefore, no matter what kind of transportation you take, there will be certain risks. Even if you don’t take any means of transportation, you may encounter traffic accidents while you are away from home.

Second, travel insurance can bring good protection.

Even though there are so many accidents, we still have to travel and take all kinds of transportation. This is just like we can’t choose not to eat just because we choke on food, food, clothing, shelter and transportation these four aspects are our daily needs, therefore, we can’t escape, should not escape. What we should do is to find ways to solve the problem and minimize the harm. If you buy a travel insurance for yourself, in case of any accident, there is insurance bottom, can be a good risk transfer, can bring good protection. Therefore, travel insurance is necessary to buy.

How to buy travel insurance.

How to buy travel insurance? Different ways of traveling focus different.

First, public transportation travel: comprehensive transportation accident insurance is more cost-effective

If you are a regular traveler, you can purchase a comprehensive transportation accident insurance for yourself. Because comprehensive traffic accident insurance guarantees the scope is quite wide, including the plane, bus, train, ship, taxi and other vehicles. Especially suitable for office workers, people who often travel to buy. The insurance deadline of integrated traffic accident insurance, short criterion a few days, grow criterion a few months even a year, policy-holder can have pointed ground to choose according to his itinerary plan.

Two, drive a trip: person car all want protect

If be the personage that oneself drive to travel, not only should buy insurance to oneself love a car, remember to buy insurance of a person to oneself even, if the person appears otherwise accident, who will compensate? Say so, have car gens must not forget to buy a travel insurance for oneself, in case of occurrence accident, ability can get corresponding compensation.

Package tour or free trip: choose travel accident insurance as needed.

If you are traveling with a group or choose to travel independently, be sure to buy yourself a travel accident insurance according to your own needs. Tourists are likely to have some diseases or accidents during their travels, and some serious ones will endanger their lives. Therefore, choose a suitable accident insurance “side”, not only to deal with all kinds of emergencies, but also to make the journey more comfortable and happy.

Where can I buy travel insurance.

Many people don’t know where to buy travel insurance. In fact, with the development of the network, there are many ways to buy travel insurance, the following three common ways to buy insurance:

The first: online insurance.

Online insurance has two options, one is the official website insurance, a third party platform insurance. If is in the insurance company official website to insure the words, the insurant generally only needs to login the insurance company homepage, the registration member, then finds suits oneself to insure the insurance product, fills in the related information, clicks “to insure immediately” then. If you are buying insurance on a third-party platform, you can compare the insurance products of several insurance companies at the same time, and find the most suitable insurance products to buy insurance through comparison, which is more convenient and faster.

The second kind: seek insurance agent to insurance.

If it is to look for insurance agent to insure, must look for more reliable, professional insurance agent to buy travel insurance, only professional insurance agent can be insured according to the actual needs of the insured to tailor a reasonable insurance products. Insurant needs to fill in only apply for an insurance policy, insurance company issues insurance certificate after receiving insurance premium, insurance policy takes effect.

The 3rd kind: insure to agent orgnaization.

The insurance company will install the system terminal at the agency, where the insured can pay the premium to the agency. The agency will print the insurance certificate to the insured through the insurance company system, and the policy will take effect immediately.

What pitfalls to avoid when buying travel insurance

Many consumers do not know much about travel insurance, so it is easy to fall into some traps. Do not jump into the following.

One, travel agency buys insurance oneself need not buy insurance

There are a lot of tourists who travel with a group thinking that the travel agency has bought insurance, they do not have to buy insurance. This is a wrong idea. Because the travel agency’s insurance is only responsible for the damage caused by the travel agency, the travel agency needs to assume the responsibility; If the injury is caused by the tourists themselves, the travel agency is irresponsible. Therefore, even if tourists travel with a group, they should also buy a travel accident insurance.

Two, buy insurance get out of danger can get compensation

Although bought travel person accident insurance, but also be not to give any accident accident, the compensation that can get insurance company. It also depends on whether the accident falls within the scope of the exemption clause. For example, the extreme sports such as bungee jump, parachute jump, dive are not in safeguard limits, the person that cast is protecting must understand first clear when cast, lest appear unnecessary dispute when going out of danger to the time.

Tip: how to ensure personal safety when you are away from home

Outside, accidents can come from all aspects, which requires us to pay more attention to their personal safety when we are outside. The following safety knowledge must be known:

One: walk safely

Pedestrians must obey traffic rules when crossing the street. Stop at the red light and go at the green. Pedestrians crossing motor vehicle lanes shall pass through pedestrian crossing facilities. Do not walk side by side, no more than 2 people in each row. Also, don’t play with your phone while walking, it’s really easy to have an accident! Don’t cross the street with skateboards, roller skates, balance cars, etc. It’s also dangerous!

Second: ride safely

Be sure to get into the habit of wearing your seat belt whether you are sitting in the front or back seats. It shall also abide by various traffic matters stipulated in the regulations on the implementation of the road traffic safety law.

Safe riding and driving

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride bicycles on the road. If any parts of your vehicle are damaged, don’t ride on the road. When riding a bike on the road, you must pay attention to safety and don’t engage in dangerous behaviors. If you’re driving, don’t drink, don’t get tired and don’t get distracted.


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