What is bulk sms

What is bulk SMS, how to send Bulk SMS In this post today, we will know how SMS can be sent to 1000 people simultaneously. There are many big companies that send messages to their customers together, such as take telecom company Idea, Airtel, Jio, they have crores of mobile numbers, now it is not possible for these company to SMS one by one, so this company will be its customer Bulk uses SMS to give information about the offer to.

What is Bulk SMS

What is bulk SMS

Let me tell you that the process of sending messages together is called Bulk SMS Now the question arises when there is a need to send Bulk SMS, just like the telecom companies have to inform their customer about any offer. If you want to promote the marketing of your shop or business, then you need a bulk SMS, apart from this, you want to invite many people to the wedding function, so instead of sending a message to one man in one minute simultaneously By SMSing many people, you can save your time and avoid the hassle of sending one message each.

How to send Bulk SMS what is bulk sms

If you want to do bulk SMS, first of all you have to go to Google’s Playstore and there you have to download an app called Bulk SMS Sender, tell you that an Indian has created this app named Maninder Gill. So far, more than 10 thousand people have installed in their mobiles.

When you open this app, you will see the homepage of this app like the image below, then you have to type the message in the box that appears empty, then click on the three dot on the right side, you will get all the contacts in your mobile The number is the one you want to send a message, all of them have to be added. Now after typing the mobile number add and message, as soon as you click on the send button below, your message will be sent.

Now you must know what is Bul k SMS, how to send Bulk SM S Here you have to keep in mind one thing when you send a message from this app, it cuts the main balance of your mobile, so whenever you use this app So be sure to have Unlimited SMS Pack in your mobile. Which will not cut your man balance. With this app you can SMS Bulk to thousands of people simultaneously.


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