what is Paytm Payment Bank

The use of Paytm in India is increasing rapidly. Apart from charging mobile from Paytm, it can be used for shopping, payment or bank account. Everyone uses Paytm Account. But Paytm Bank account features have also been started. We all should open Paytm Payment Bank Account. So that all of us can get interest like all banks. Currently in India, Paytm Payment Bank gets 4% interest. Which is a benefit for us.

Therefore Paytm saving should be opened. How to open Paytm Payment Bank? Know how to Create Paytm Payment Bank Step by Step Full Guide. Get to know about Paytm Payment Bank in a few short words. So that you don’t have any problem in understanding it later.

what is Paytm Payment Bank How To Use it

It is an online Saving Bank. Just like an account is opened in SBI, HDFC Bank, Maharastra bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, other bank, and interest is paid. Similarly, Paytm Payment Bank account is also opened. Debit / Credit Card is also provided in this. And there will also be ATM Bank, in which customers can withdraw money through Card. In this, you simply add the balance to the online Paytm Wallet, they have to convert to Paytm Bank. This is a simple process to convert. Which everyone can easily do. That’s enough for now, what is Paytm payment bank? Now how to open Paytm Payment Bank below? Information is being given about him.

how to Open Paytm Payment Bank

First Of All (First) Open Paytm Apps

After opening, “Bank Account” option will appear in front of it, click on it.

Click Next “Proceed”

After this you will be asked to set Paytm Passcode. Put some passcode there (for Paytm Payment Bank Password)

The page of “Add a Nominee” will open, which means, do you want to become a nominee? (Any time a person dies, an option is given to lay responsible for it)

For now, select “I do not want to add a nominee”.

Next, write “12 Digit Aadhaar no. Or Your Name”.

After that you will have to go to the nearest KYC Center or E-mitra near you, and get Finger-Print done there (don’t worry, E-mitra will help you)

In this way your Paytm Bank account will open. And you can transfer all the money that is added to Paytm Wallet in Paytm Bank (Saving Account).

Whose 4% annual interest is being given. TAX can be saved to a large extent by linking (linking) the paytm user to aadhaar card. Now you must have understood that how to open Paytm Bank with Paytm Apps?

What is required to open a Paytm Bank account?

Verify at Aadhar card number or KYC center to open Paytm Bank account.

Email i’d have to be verified before verifying the Aadhaar Card number.

Remember the Paytm Bank Passcode that you just set in step-4 above.

Your Aadhaar Card Num. Gotta put it right. Otherwise you will not be able to open your Paytm Bank.

what is the advantage of paytm bank

Can I transfer Paytm Wallet to Paytm Bank?

Yes, we can transfer the add money in Paytm Wallet to Paytm Bank account. Can deposit It is also a simple process, there is an option to transfer it to the bank, by clicking on it we can transfer to Paytm Bank. There is no need to open a separate account for this. For New Account- https://Paytm.com/bank, just Paytm will have to verify email id and linking to Aadhar card. And go to e-friend and get your Aadhaar number linked to Paytm.

What kind of bank is Paytm, what does it work for?

Paytm is like any other bank. In which facilities like Bank Interest, ATM, Debit Card, Credit Card are available. You can also withdraw money from ATMs and there is no facility to take loan at present. And if you want, you can open an account with 0 Balance. By saving in Paytm Bank, you will get 4% Annual Interest.

Will Paytm Online Transaction be charged?

No, right now Transaction Charge is not seen after 2017 TAX. You can transfer add balance in Paytm Wallet to the bank. It is absolutely free. Any Paytm users can take advantage of this.

Here it is, what is your Paytm Bank, how to open Paytm Bank, and what is the benefit of it. What benefits (benefits) will Paytm users get from this? I have shared all these information in a simple way. If there is any problem in opening Paytm Bank, then we must ask in the comment.


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