What is URL full information

If you use the Internet, you must have heard about the URL. And you must have got the idea to get complete information about it.

What is a URL like? What is the full form of the URL? URL types and how the URL works.

It is also important to have complete information about it. Because when we try to visit a website. So for that we need the URL of that website or webpage.

So in today’s post, I am going to give you all the information related to the URL. So that you can know what the URL is.

what is URL

A URL is the address or address of a website or Webpages available on the Internet. With which we can go to that website. Every website on the Internet has a unique URL.

Like Google’s URL is https://www.google.com/. If we have to go to Google, then you can search this URL in the search bar of any browser.

Parts of URL

Any URL has four parts. Which is as follows

Protocol (HTTP): – A protocol is a set of methods called rules for the process of data transmission between any two nodes of a computer network.

In an easy language, protocol is used to transfer data over the Internet.

Server Name (WWW): – is the second part of the World Wide Web URL. Each website’s data is stored on a web server. And each web server is connected to the WWW.

File Name (Domain Name): – This is the third part of the URL. In this, the name of the store file on the server is told. Which has to be accessed and brought to the Clint machine. For example, Google’s URL contains Google domain name.

sion): – It shows what type of website. Like- Techgyanhindi.com has a .com Extension.

URL Full Form

Url Full form: – Uniform Resource locator

Who invented the url

What is a URL? I must have fallen Now the question is coming in your mind who invented the URL. So, we also know about it.

Universe Resource Locator was invented by Team Berners Lee in 1994. Lee invented Http, Html and URL together.

Types of Url

There are mainly three types of URLs.

Massy url

These URLs are created by computer. They use very high numbers and letters. In these, different web pages are made for the same domain name.

Dynamic url

These URLs are the final results of a data query. They provide Content Output. These URLs include +, =,%, $, &,? Adi Character comes.

They are used in websites like Shopping and Traveling. Where users change their query repeatedly.

Static url

You can understand from their name that they are static. Never changes. Whether the user requests anything. These URLs are hard-wired by Webpage’s Html.

what is url shortning

You may have seen many such websites or webpages on the Internet. Whose URLs are very long. Which are quite difficult to share.

In such a situation, we shorten or shorten these URLs to share. This is called Url shortening. We can share short URLs anywhere.

There are many such websites on the Internet. From where you can shorten your Long URL. There are many websites like – BITLY, GOO.GL, TINYURL.COM, OW.LY, IS.GD etc.

Even many websites are like this. Where you can also earn by sharing your short link. Such as- shorte.ST, Adf.LY, Ouo.IO, ShrinkMe.IO etc.

What are Secure Urls?

When a website’s Url starts with https: //. Then that URL is Secure Url. And it is also called SSL Sertificate.

HTTPS is a protocol that works to pass data securely between browsers and website servers.

If we put any of our Personal Detail on the Secure Website. So he gets Encrypt before being transmit. Which is very difficult for any hacker to hack.

So if you put your Personal Information or Bank Detail on a website. So before that check his Url.

How does url work

Every website available on the Internet has a unique IP Address (Internet Protocol). Which is numerical.

When we search any URL in Browser. So Browser converts that URL into an IP address using DNS. And reaches the server of that website. And from there, we provide information.

But the DNS system was used because it was very difficult to remember the IP address. Through which we can access any website very easily.

Such as Google.com, yahoo.com, Bing.com, Amazone.com, Flipkart.com’s Ip Address,,, , is.

So you can think. It is difficult to remember these IP addresses. If you want, you can access the website by searching the IP address in the Browser.


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